Daniel McFarlane
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What I Saw '11
Solo exhibit in Houston, TX
Barbara Davis Gallery
Dec 2011

The show is a collection of paintings, titled What I Saw. It is an exhibition about abstraction itself; the idea of meeting a strange form and the attempt to recreate the moment of encounter. Each painting expresses this attempt in the depiction of the form through color, shape, texture, and superimposition. The paintings represent What I Saw which may/may not be or look like what actually is which may/may not be or look like what you think and see.

Another layer of thought and exploration continues to include the relationship between improvisation and control. I’m looking to create a dynamic tension/balance in the work – from the technique, to the process, to the space/form. My paint forms seemingly grow wild and move freely – but many are cultivated and transplanted in a controlled manner. I develop the 2D picture field of the painting into a physical, 3D plane of illusion and interaction.