Daniel McFarlane
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In Industry '12
Solo exhibit in Galveston, TX
Galveston Art Center
Oct 2012

In Industry contrasts the varying place and processes of painting. From my personal experience apprenticing with an industrial painting company, I am able to form a deeper understanding of the methods in which I make work. In my latest exhibition, I investigate the connection between function and fine art.

The mechanized labor involved in prepping and painting machine parts simultaneously diverges and collides with the prepping and painting I do when I make a piece of art. In both situations there is an orderly process that must be followed, and in both finished pieces components serve a specific purpose. However the end result for each object, in terms of value and function, is vastly different.

These thoughts and experiences resonate with me and inform my continued study of improvisation and control. By refining my artistic process, I am able to expand upon the ideas of dynamic tension and balance.